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seit 1829 die Stempel Gürtel 47 Teile Accessoires 47 Teile Service campaign
Paper Knife
Dresden Stollen knife

Making others happy

If you want to make other people happy, it is not the quantity of presents that counts but the quality.

Gifts from Koch & Bergfeld not only point to the values of the giver but also the appreciation and esteem in which he holds the recipient: Koch & Bergfeld's masterpieces are individually produced with loving care, whether the gift is great or small. As a result, they have lasting value, as well their very own character, which is the result of hand craftsmanship and the use of top-quality materials.

Gifts from Koch & Bergfeld are items designed to last a lifetime – and a protest against today's throwaway society and "don't care" attitude.

All articles are supplied in genuine Koch & Bergfeld gift boxes.